Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Mind Rebels at Stagnation...

The reason for the title is two-fold:

First: My proposal for concept and space for my final BFA show was all accepted!!
It will be in April. I may have previously mentioned that my subject is Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. I love so many of the films and versions (like House or The Mentalist) and I've loved listening to the original stories as I work.
Aside from the obvious favorite of Holmes being outsmarted by Irene Adler, my favorite story so far has been the guy who dresses up in makeup and costume to look like a beggar. I absolutely didn't expect that at all, and it was a marvelous revelation.
Anyway, once I comfortable with what I'm doing for my BFA, I'll tell you all.

Second: Even though my mind is fried right now and I just want to not worry about grades, I know that in two weeks I'm going to be really bored if I don't get something productive to do. Luckily, I have this thing called a BFA show coming up that should help my nerves stay nice and frayed until after April.

As far as art goes... I'm in the middle of new projects for all art classes, so there's not much to show, but I'll tell!
--I've sketched out my character lineup for my Character Design Final. They're characters from The Chronicles of Prydain. Left to right: Orddu, a witch; Doli, a dwarf; Eilonwy, a sort of tomboy princess; and Fflewddur Fflam, a king who'd rather be plucking his harp.

--I want to do a Christmas card for Zions Bank (this is all just kind of hypothetical here for the purposes of the class) featuring the ghost of Christmas Past reminding us all of what's important, to go along with Zions' tagline: "We haven't forgotten who keeps us in business." I haven't digitized my sketches for that, so you get nothing!

--I've been working on a moray eel makeup design. We poured the two-part foam molds last class-- it was incredible!! I really love learning about his stuff. Again, no pictures yet, though some have probably noticed all the moray eel pictures on my "Specific Projects" board on Pinterest.

Well, until next time, ciao!

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