Friday, November 16, 2012

Fine, Christmas Spirit.

I love Christmas, but it feels like the shops are already trying to shove everything to do with Christmas down my throat, and it's not even Thanksgiving. But with the snow and happy music, I'm slowly caving in.

So fine, Christmas Spirit. You win. Haha, and I guess I'm not too entirely upset about it.

What do you guys think? Would you agree that having 11 months of not specifically be-decking things in lights or hanging mistletoe makes you more excited and grateful for Christmas without getting sick of it?

Well, onto business. I finally made something this semester that I'm mostly happy with! The only other thing that might beat it out is the expressions assignment I posted earlier. This is for my character design class. We were assigned to place a character in a scene for a Christmas card. I finally decided that I wanted to draw a mushroom, and things sprouted from there. (Punny!)

And so I titled this "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

It's not totally to where I want it to be, but I feel pretty good about it, especially since I did the entire thing in less than 5 hours, excluding two general idea sketches done yesterday.
So Happy [early] Christmas!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Happy late Guy Fawkes day! Let's just be honest, I only know about him from the movie "V for Vendetta". It's a great film (though I've only seen it edited) that taught me a lot, mostly about the importance of my role in my country.

Second order of business: it's snowing in Provo. Let's take a second to reflect how gorgeous it is, how freezing it is, and how the first few snows of the season always make me think of that part in Hook. Also, while walking home from campus today, I was reminded of this precious clip from Dumb and Dumber.

Buuuut anyway. I finally turned in print finishes of my work to Brother Barrett. They looked hideous on paper, but it's time to be done with them for now. I'll fix them when I graduate, haha.

Poison Buffet

The Little Mermaid

Samhain (Fire Dance)

Also, we had to redesign a character from a film and render it in 3 different styles for Character Design.

.... Annnnd I'm not really done. But here's a couple of things I did for it! Presenting the great and wicked Miranda Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada."

I really like the idea of doing this character, but especially since I made a better version than this which didn't scan correctly, every time I look at this version, I'm reminded of the wife's comments from this State Farm commercial: "She sounds hideous."
Oh well. I can re-do it.

In other news, my brother gets home from his LDS mission in 5 DAYS!!!!!! I'm just a little excited.

Until I have something else completely trivial to say, adieu!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adventures in Makeup Land!

Remember that I say in my profile that I think almost any subject can be seen as an art? 
So since I'm in a makeup class here in school, and since I LOVE it, and since doing makeup helps me understand the human face structure and other art things better....

I'm going to post some of my pictures here! Even if it wasn't done for class. :)

***UPDATE: And if you think from hereon out that I'm super narcissistic, just know that it's about 10 times more embarrassing to ask someone to allow me to paint their face at odd times and then take a bazillion pictures from every conceivable angle. And I think it's clear by my posting all of this that I'm aaaall about less embarrassment......

Other than being born, etc., all the obsession with makeup began when I was in my first year of college.
One night, the school was having a girls' night and boys' night with fun activities in different buildings. For the girls, they put on a chick flick and encouraged us to paint our nails, eat popcorn, and otherwise act like typical girls.

My two roommates however, were jealous of the guys' activity: basketball.

They decided that they could probably get in by dressing up like guys and not wearing any normal makeup. I joined in the fun even though I planned on going to neither event.
I think it was as soon as I got laughs out of that first mustache that I wanted more.

It spiraled out of the realms of "I like pretty makeup" and escalated first to:
-Weird costumes and hair
-Then to either simple Halloween-y characters and putting anything on my face at all (i.e. frosting)
-And finally to seeing how close I could get my face to resemble film characters using only the limited makeup I had and some acrylic paints.

(You may also notice that I briefly attempt to protect my friends' identities so that they don't have to suffer embarrassment by association with me. My resolve was quickly met with the insurmountable task of pixelating all their beautiful faces out of my many pictures. My deepest apologies to those involved. Haha)


I noticed after buying a black light that all my highlighters were super bright under it... and I thought it'd be fun to see if it worked on skin. Oooohhh, yes it did. *smug smile* My friends found out and we had a blast drawing on each other and ourselves while blasting tunes.

I got really into the *art of Avatar, and realized that I could make the Na'vi's little glowing spots with those highlighters. *Fist pump of success* Yes!!

*Avatar's creature design and art in general is probably its only redeeming quality. Oh, I guess the music isn't bad at all, either-- typical lovely James Horner. Also, let's just all admit that Zoe Saldana is great and Sam Worthington looked really good. As a side note, there will apparently be an Avatar 2, and at least some of it will be filmed at the deepest location on Earth, Mariana Trench. It was the classic Pocahontas-ish tale last time, maybe it'll be The Little Mermaid this time? Haha, just kidding, Avatar fans. I'll probably pay to see it when it comes out, too.

So yes. Anyway.
And here we see the long list of (usually) recurring themes: 
Tim Burton or other film characters, cross-dress into a boy, and Halloween-ish.


After all of this crazy stuff, (Really, though, are you questioning my sanity yet?) I transferred to BYU, and got all new roommates. But soon, the urge to paint bruises and punk rock makeup overtook any embarrassment I may have feared.

At which point, one of my roommates mentioned that her coworker had been in a makeup class where they create fake injuries, Halloween makeup and such. Of course I signed up for it at the next opening!!

And since then, I at least have some kind of excuse to go crazy with pigment on my own face. Here are a few of my in-class or post-Snow makeups:

Latex wrinkles
Crepe beard
Minor earthquake injury for mock disaster
Old age *stage* makeup

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Raggedy Ann doll face

My version of Mad Madame Mim
from "The Sword in the Stone"
Profile view of Mad Madame Mim--
nose made of sculpting putty

                                   INFECTED  [and burned]  ZOMBIE!!

Just a cute clown maybe for Halloween

Guy Fawkes mask makeup

Leaf girl-- Halloween makeup
linking back to Celtic Samhain origin

There you have it!

And if you're thinking now, like me, "Isn't she a little self-conscious about putting all these pictures of herself up?" then I should point out that a) there are only so many people besides myself who I feel comfortable asking to play model for my makeup experiments and b) I'm pretty sure I can come back and edit or delete this post whenever I feel like it. :) At the moment however, it satisfies my urge to share how fun this is and there are probably only 5 people who look at my blog once in a while anyway.

So I figure I'm OK for a bit.
Happy Halloween and onto the next project(s)!!