Friday, November 9, 2012


Happy late Guy Fawkes day! Let's just be honest, I only know about him from the movie "V for Vendetta". It's a great film (though I've only seen it edited) that taught me a lot, mostly about the importance of my role in my country.

Second order of business: it's snowing in Provo. Let's take a second to reflect how gorgeous it is, how freezing it is, and how the first few snows of the season always make me think of that part in Hook. Also, while walking home from campus today, I was reminded of this precious clip from Dumb and Dumber.

Buuuut anyway. I finally turned in print finishes of my work to Brother Barrett. They looked hideous on paper, but it's time to be done with them for now. I'll fix them when I graduate, haha.

Poison Buffet

The Little Mermaid

Samhain (Fire Dance)

Also, we had to redesign a character from a film and render it in 3 different styles for Character Design.

.... Annnnd I'm not really done. But here's a couple of things I did for it! Presenting the great and wicked Miranda Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada."

I really like the idea of doing this character, but especially since I made a better version than this which didn't scan correctly, every time I look at this version, I'm reminded of the wife's comments from this State Farm commercial: "She sounds hideous."
Oh well. I can re-do it.

In other news, my brother gets home from his LDS mission in 5 DAYS!!!!!! I'm just a little excited.

Until I have something else completely trivial to say, adieu!

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