Monday, September 3, 2012

Please, sir, I want some more!

Far from being as culturally valuable as Oliver Twist, I just remembered that I could also include on my blog some of my work from this summer in trying to get my designs printed by Threadless! It hasn't worked yet, but I'm still hoping!

In fact, tomorrow (3 September) is the deadline for one of their design challenges, "Dangers of the Deep," and I plan on submitting the image of the mermaid below. Please go vote if you can! And not just for me, there are some really great things there!
UPDATE: I was vacationing at my cabin, celebrating my nephew's birthday, and doing my homework this weekend and forgot to enter my mermaid design! So never mind about voting for it. I snoozed and... loozed?... lost?... whatever.

Also, this is my profile for Threadless should you like to check me shtuff out.
Also also, please remember all the images [and rights] of my own art I post are belong only to me. :) Thank you!

(All T-shirt templates shown are via Threadless' website)

Vanilla Twist-- digital;
This was my very first for Threadless.
Because who doesn't love slightly melt-y ice cream?

Saint Sally-- began as pen & ink, then digital
Then they had a challenge around the theme of
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" which I simply could not pass up!
If it gets printed (I'm not too optimistic since I entered late),
the extra bits of hair would wrap around the side of the shirt.

Mermaid of the Deep-- digital
My latest design for them which will (hopefully?) be up by tomorrow!
At which time I'll edit this post and share the link to my page so you can vote for it if you'd like.

Mermaid on the tank
A reference for how it'd approximately look if printed on a tank top.

So there you go, readers! Hope you enjoyed it! Have a happy Labor Day if you're in the USA; good luck in getting through this next week, whatever you're doing; and may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

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