Sunday, June 30, 2013

Still At Work

I survived the end of last semester (a miracle-- really), but got a little out of the habit of posting. But don't worry! I still draw and make things. :)

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the Coptic book I made for my friend's wedding gift, but I'm sure I'm going to make another book soon this summer.

So here are a few sketches, though some are rather old.
Hope I get to post something a little more finished soon. Have a lovely Sunday!

HP foreverrrr. Even though JK describes them as stocky, 
I can't stop imagining the Weasley twins as long and thin.

Hermione, giving one of those scowls she often gave to Ron that says
"That's a terrible thing to say, but also just a little bit funny."

This is the not-finished state, which sadly looks better than it does now.

Practice for something I'm working on. Drew this today in church.

Same story as above.

Old sketch-- I think I was thinking of Alice in Wonderland.
I accidentally gave her a scary hand and even scarier legs.

Old sketch of a frilled shark I recently colored up quickly.


  1. Yay Harry Potter! Oh Sheri I love you and how excellent you are at creating things.

    1. Thanks so much April! :) And look who's talkin', Miss Seamstress. Really, that dress was so cute.