Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I hope you know it.

Ya know, to be honest, there aren't many T shirts I'm willing to spend more than about $10 on. (Exceptions include Johnny Depp featured as a pirate, but little else.)
So I know it's a bit rich of me to ask people to vote for my T shirt design that will end up costing around $15 or so.
YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN THIS T SHIRT FOR FREEEE!! So cool, right? Winners are picked at random, and you only have to enter your email so they can send you advertisements for their products, but guess what? You can cancel those as soon as you have or haven't won the T shirt!

So. Just sayin'. You really have nothing to lose by helping me to earn money off of my art, which will not only give me the spring-board funds I'll need after I graduate, but help me and others believe in themselves.
Vote here.
And here are some behind the scenes pictures, since you took the trouble to be kind and read this:
Final "Seal" design. I wanted it to look like a stamp,
with a bit of wear and tear from all the times its been used.

Original sketch. I always tend to make my faces really long, especially the noses.
Thanks! And more to come VERY soon on Sherlock!

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